Cerec® 1-Visit Crowns

Dr. McFarland in his lab

Cerec® is the ultimate in patient convenience and comfort. No return visits. No waiting for gel to set in your mouth to make impressions. No second injections to numb the area. Unsurpassed precision fitting. A selection of premium dental composites that include options for any application. It is truly dentistry for the 21st century.

We are very pleased to offer our patients the convenience and precision of Cerec® one-visit dental appliances. Since we added the amazing Cerec® CAD/CAM machinery and software to our in-house dental laboratory, we can fabricate replacement teeth and other dental appliances quickly and with unmatched precision. This means that you get your treatment completed in a single visit to our office – no more returning for fitting or other work, some of which may require that the area be numbed again.

When you decide that you would prefer that we employ the Cerec® technology for your dental restoration, Doctor McFarland will prepare the tooth or teeth and then apply a very fine powder to the area. The powdered area is scanned at a very high resolution and the scan is programmed into the CAD/CAM Cerec® unit. Doctor McFarland then selects a specially formulated, blank piece of dental material that perfectly matches the surrounding teeth and installs it into the fabricating unit. The Cerec® milling unit, using the scans and Doctor McFarland’s specifications, quickly and precisely fabricates a perfect dental appliance, which is then installed and fitted.

Cerec® has a number of proprietary dental material blanks available in a complete range of colors. Doctor McFarland will suggest the best composite material for your specific situation.

Doctor McFarland has been a dentist in Miles City since 1993. As a full service family dental practice, Doctor McFarland performs all dental procedures including cosmetic and restoration; dentures; dental bonding; bridges; crowns; implants; veneers; teeth whitening; sealants; fluoride treatments; root canals and more.