ClearCorrect™ is the premium treatment for crooked teeth. These invisible braces represent one of the most amazing and popular advancements in dental technology. Gone are the days of requiring sharp, unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces to have perfectly straight teeth and a precision bite.

ClearCorrect™ are crystal clear appliances made from medical grade plastic that have anti-bacterial surfaces. You install the appliance on your own teeth, quickly and easily. You can remove them for eating, or during any other activity you would prefer not to wear them during. Leave them in almost all the time as they’re all but impossible for people to see, and are engineered and designed to be exceptionally comfortable.

Doctor McFarland will get the necessary x-rays, impressions, measurements and photographs, which he will then send to ClearCorrect™ along with a prescription. The ClearCorrect™ laboratories will fabricate your personal series of appliances. When Doctor McFarland receives the new ClearCorrect™ appliances, you’ll come by the office for the initial installation of the first appliance – and some personal instructions to help make your ClearCorrect™ journey to a perfect smile a completely pleasant one. As weeks pass, your teeth will straighten, and at the right time, the next appliance in the series will be used instead of the first.

If you have crooked teeth, or you just want to eliminate spaces between teeth in your smile, ClearCorrect™ is a fantastic choice. Discuss ClearCorrect™ with Doctor McFarland to determine if you’d like to pursue this pleasant, effective, premium treatment.

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