Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the process of applying a dental resin to the desired area(s). The resin is colored to match surrounding teeth before it is applied. After application, the resin is hardened using a special light, which bonds it securely to the tooth. To complete the bonding procedure, Doctor McFarland carefully shapes and then finishes the resin to match the surrounding teeth and achieve optimum esthetic quality and function.

Dental bonding is an indicated procedure for a number of dental conditions that run the gamut from esthetics to repair. Dental bonding provides an excellent treatment alternative for the protection of tooth roots that have become exposed due to gum disease. Dental bonding is also an option for fillings – especially in high visibility areas.

Since dental bonding requires that the dentist manually shape and finish the resin, it is a procedure best performed by a highly experienced dentist. Doctor McFarland has 20 years of experience and is a conscientious perfectionist in cases where bonding, or any cosmetic dental procedure, is the preferred treatment.

Like many dental procedures, dental bonding is not right for every patient or every condition. In conditions where dental bonding is an option, one or more of the following courses of treatment are most often available as well: dental  implants; dental crowns; dental veneers. Doctor McFarland is always happy to discuss the options available to you, and assist you in selecting the best course of treatment for your situation.

Doctor McFarland has been a dentist in Miles City since 1993. As a full service family dental practice, Doctor McFarland performs all dental procedures including cosmetic and restoration; dentures; dental bonding; bridges; crowns; implants; veneers; teeth whitening; sealants; fluoride treatments; root canals and more.