Your teeth perform a number of jobs for you. They make biting off and chewing food possible. They make it possible to speak clearly. They are the centerpiece of your smile. They preserve the integrity of your jawbone. They help keep facial muscles active and in place. If you lose your teeth for any reason, a series of highly undesirable events unfolds.

You can lose all of your teeth any number of ways. It can happen as a result of an accident, an illness, gum disease or other reasons. Thanks to numerous advances in dental technologies and procedures, the undesirable effects of losing all, or many, of your teeth can be completely eliminated.

Today, we can use a few strategically placed implants that will preserve the jawbone and make your new dentures look, act and feel natural. Patient satisfaction with dentures has skyrocketed since the implant procedure was perfected for dentures and partial dentures. No more loose dentures or sagging muscles that rapidly make the face appear much older.

There are three types of dentures: conventional, overdenture and immediate. Conventional and overdenture are permanent appliances. Immediate dentures are installed on the same day that remaining teeth are extracted, and are installed on a temporary basis so that you never have to go without teeth.

The process of having full dentures or partial dentures installed requires several office visits. During the visit when your final teeth are removed, Doctor McFarland will fit an immediate denture to your mouth. This will allow you to have teeth while the gums heal and take on their final contours. The immediate denture will allow you to eat and chew and speak, though you will have a brief period of adjustment to the new appliance. Your final, permanent dentures will be fitted after your mouth completely heals, which takes several months.

You may well have some good, strong teeth left, which can be saved and worked on to secure the full denture or partial denture. If not, implants can be employed to preserve the jaw, stabilize the dentures and provide a more natural feel and greater comfort.

There are many options to consider when getting dentures. Doctor McFarland will discuss these options with you, and make recommendations based on your specific condition and situation.

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