While there are many restoration and cosmetic procedures that can be performed to save damaged or diseased teeth, it is still sometimes necessary to extract (remove) one or more teeth to ensure health, comfort and appearance.

Extraction is most often a relatively simple and brief procedure. Doctor McFarland will first numb the area, and take any other steps necessary to ensure your comfort during the extraction procedure. After an extraction, it is very important that the affected area is kept clean, and not aggravated with tooth brush bristles, floss or even enthusiastic rinsing. Doctor McFarland will advise you regarding the proper care of the affected area, and perhaps prescribe an analgesic.

Some bleeding is to be expected after an extraction. An ice pack on the face can relieve any temporary swelling. Initial healing will occur in just a few days. Over time, the bone which held the tooth’s roots will fill back in and the gums will take on their final profile.

Doctor McFarland does not perform oral surgery at his offices on Main Street in Miles City.

Oral surgeons regularly come to Miles City and perform pre-arranged surgeries by referral from Doctor McFarland. The oral surgeries are performed at Holy Rosary Health Clinic to ensure maximum patient comfort and well-being.

Doctor McFarland and his staff will assist you the arrangements necessary for your oral surgery.

Doctor McFarland has been a dentist in Miles City since 1993. As a full service family dental practice, Doctor McFarland performs all dental procedures including cosmetic and restoration; dentures; dental bonding; bridges; crowns; implants; veneers; teeth whitening; sealants; fluoride treatments; root canals and more.