Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal diseases are those which affect the tissues and bones which surround and support the teeth. The two most common periodontal diseases are Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Gingivitis is generally a very mild type of periodontal disease. Symptoms include swollen gums that are reddened and bleed easily, even when brushing the teeth or flossing. Gingivitis is a very treatable disease, and in many instances its effects can be reversed. The best way to avoid contracting gingivitis is to brush and floss regularly.

Periodontitis is the disease which most often occurs when gingivitis is not treated, though it can also be caused by systemic ailments including diabetes and heart disease. Periodontitis can lead to bone loss, infections and tooth loss. Periodontitis requires immediate medical attention.

A primary factor in successfully treating gingivitis is early detection! Your hygienist will be looking closely for signs of gingivitis during your regular cleanings. Doctor McFarland will also thoroughly examine your gums for infections during your regular exams.

If Doctor McFarland diagnoses you with gingivitis or periodontitis, he will discuss periodontal treatment options with you.

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